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Founded in 2014

Hayasa Gent is an association of Armenian students aimed at uniting the youth and anyone who is interested in the beautiful culture of ours. Hayasa Gent was established as a branch of Hayasa in 2014 and has a goal to build friendship, cooperation, healthy communication, promotion of cultural awareness, integration in a multicultural community, cultural dialogue and cooperation with the other communities living in Belgium.

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September 16, 2015   •  responsibles for the event: Tatevik Galstyan & Varduhi Nanyan

It's cocktail time !

Let's go casual and have some fun at the threshold of the new academic year! Join us for a drink in a nice September evening, create some crazy atmosphere, share new ideas, meet new people!

Gentse feesten 2015 with Hayasa

on July 20, 2015  •   responsibles for the event: Hayasa Gent

Now that the exams are far done and the sun is shining brightly, Hayasa is enjoying one of the long summer evenings together! But it is not an ordinary evening because it is time for Genste Feesten!


Music to Madness: The Story of Komitas

on April 20, 2015  •   responsibles for the event: Varsuhi Papinyan, Ellen Bagdasarian, Hasmik Badoyan & Varduhi Nanyan

In the framework of the Armenian Genocide Centennial commemoration, Hayasa Gent has the pleasure to invite you to our event dedicated to the outstanding Armenian priest and musician - Komitas Vardapet (Soghomon Soghomonyan). Komitas is one of the Armenians who truly exemplifies the Armenian Genocide and represents the Armenian harsh experience of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Given his significant output in the Armenian folk and classical music Komitas is often referred to as "the savior of the Armenian music". His bewitchingly sophisticated music has earned the praise of many renowned composers worldwide. The French composer Claude Debussy, following a concerto by Komitas, said, "Brilliant father Komitas! I bow before your musical genius!" 

During our event first we will present Komitas' life and activity. Next, as part of the evening our guests will be provided with a unique opportunity to watch a very recent documentary "Music to Madness: The Story of Komitas" (2014) (directed by D. R. Deranian (Canada, US)). The film examines the Armenian Genocide from the perspective of Komitas who, tragically, also witnessed the calamity of the Armenian Genocide in the years 1915 – 1923. The brutality and torture Komitas experienced led him to madness and death. "Through the life and tragedy of Komitas, genocide is considered not only as a demographic description of mass killing, but also as the murder of individual persons and the implications of these murders on those surrounding" (R. Deranian).

It's worth mentioning that the film has so far had a very limited number of screenings (mostly in the US) and has not been officially released yet. It will be officially available to the wide public from April 24. Hayasa Gent has obtained the film for early screening! So save the date and do not miss this exclusive opportunity to be one of the first to watch this gripping movie and get one step closer to the dream and passion Komitas pursued. For more details about the film, visit here http:// www.komitasthemovie.com/ index.html .

Following the screening you are invited to share your thoughts and opinions about the film.

The discussion will be followed by a reception.

Both the film and the presentation will be in English.


Les Arméniens. Images d'un destin.

on April 4, 2015  •   responsibles for the event: Ripsime Matevosian & Ellen Bagdasarian

Lovers of photography and history are invited to discover the exhibition ‘Les Arméniens. Images d'un destin. 1906-1939’.

Where ? 
The Museum of Photography in Charleroi
11, avenue Paul Pastur
6032 Charleroi (Mont-sur-Marchienne)


Unveiling Our Literary Heritage: Commemorative

on February 26, 2015  •   responsibles for the event: Varduhi Nanyan & Hasmik Badoyan

In the framework of the Armenian Genocide Centennial Commemoration, the lovers of the Armenian culture are invited to uncover the masterpieces of our literary heritage. The aim is to commemorate the Armenian intellectuals who were killed during the Genocide. Specifically, we are going to shed light on the lives and works of 3 outstanding Armenian writers - Daniel Varoujan, Grigor Zohrap (Krikor Zohrab) and Siamanto - through recitation and discussion of some of the most famous poems (by Varoujan and Siamanto) and novellas (by Zohrap) and presentation of video fragments depicting the lives of the intellectuals).


Light Festival with Hayasa Gent

on January 30, 2015  •   responsibles for the event: Varsuhi Papinyan & Ellen Bagdasarian

Hello everyone! All of you have probably heard about Ghent Light Festival. What about visiting and enjoying it together this year? Let's meet on January 30, at 17h30! The meeting place: Korenmarkt, at McDonald's!
Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Wrapped up in autumn colors

on November 15, 2014  •   responsibles for the event: Hasmik Badoyan, Varduhi Nanyan, Varsuhi Papinyan & Ellen Bagdasarian

Let us shift from the red pomegranates of Parajanov to the gold of autumn!
Hayasa Gent is happy to invite you to a delightful, fun event wrapped up in fabulous autumn colors. This time we offer you a lovely karaoke evening flavoured with your favourite songs, games, drinks and a lot more! Join us on November 15 at 7PM to have fun and enjoy the autumn gold!

The address: De Therminal (UGent)
Hoveniersberg 24
9000 Gent


Up close and personal with Parajanov

on October 23, 2014  •   responsibles for the event: Hasmik Badoyan, Varduhi Nanyan & Varsuhi Papinyan

We are delighted to invite you to our cultural event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of one of the outstanding Armenian film-directors - Sergei Parajanov. Let us get together to watch, ponder over and discuss one of his masterpieces - “The Colour of Pomegranates” (1968). After giving a presentation on the life and the activity of the film-director and the movie itself, one of our team members - Tigran Baghdasaryan (VUB), will be glad to share his thoughts and opinion with you and, of course, to listen to yours.

The address: De Therminal (UGent)
Hoveniersberg 24
9000 Gent



on October 2, 2014  •   responsibles for the event: Tatevik Galstyan, Hasmik Badoyan, Varduhi Nanyan & Varsuhi Papinyan

BAREV! My name is Hayasa Gent! What about meeting up and saying BAREV to each other? Hooooraaay! I knew you'd love to!
So, let’s meet!
Where and when? Here you go:

Place: SPHINX café, Sint-Michielshelling 3, 9000 Gent
Time & date: October 2, 6:30 PM
The aim: to say BAREEEEEVVV 




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