Hayasa for teghut eco boat

on August 15, 2012  •  proposed by: Tigran Baghdasaryan, Gevorg Voskanyan

As you may remember, on April 14, 2012 "Hayasa" has organized a meeting where we have presented the Armenia’s environmental problems and the objective of the corresponding movement. A few days after we issued an open letter, where we expressed solidarity with the activists fighting the potential environmental hazards of Teghut forest. With that way we have somehow joined Teghut movement. http://www.hayasa.be/ Activities/Teghut.html

Recently the idea of the construction of "Teghut" eco-boat in lake Sevan was suggested. The goal of the project is to raise a number of environmental issues, including Teghut forest problem. The cruise on the boat in lake Sevan will be free of charge during which awareness raising sessions and discussions will be held on ecological issues.

Since we are not in Armenia, unfortunately we are not able to participate in the building process; so we decided to help financially. Through our Facebook group we suggested donating 5 Euro for Teghut Eco-boat, while Hayasa organised money transfer to Armenia. Soon 14 members and friends of Hayasa joined the initiative and 70 Euros (35 600 dram) were sent to our Armenian friends.

Here is the list of those people:

1. Akhayan Ruben
2. Baghdasaryan Tigran
3. Bazikyan Aram
4. Gabrielyan Gohar
5. Galstyan Arthur
6. Galstyan Tatevik
7. Hakobyan Agapi
8. Martirosyan Ruben
9. Mnatsakanyan Shahen
10. Nurbekyan Levon (from Portugal)
11. Tamiryan Ani
12. Tamiryan Anna
13. Voskanyan Gevorg
14. Voskanyan Artur

We are all looking forward to see Teghut Eco boat constructed and we hope that our small contribution was helpful.


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