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(candle lighting in memory of Vahe Avetyan)
on August 4, 2012  • Open letter  •  responsibles for the event: Arthur Galstyan, Gevorg Voskanyan and Tigran Baghdasaryan

“Hayasa” organized in an informative meeting and candle lighting in the St. Mary Magdalene Armenian Church.

During the meeting Artur, Gevorg and Tigran gave comprehensive information about the human rights situation in Armenia on the example of recently killed military doctor Vahe Avetyan. Also short video reports (source concerning recent environmental movements (such as Teghut, Trchkan and Mashtots park) were shown.

Also a candle lighting took place in memory of Vahe Avetyan and all the other innocent victims of the criminal atmosphere established in Armenia.

“Hayasa” also issued a statement in connection with the 40th day of Vahe Avetyan’s death. The statement runs that candle lighting and an informative meeting took place in Belgium organized by Hayasa in the St. Mary Magdalene Armenian Church. 

"Hayasa" says that we are worried with the atmosphere of fear, impunity and permissiveness in Armenia where the ordinary citizen in not protected. Vahe Avetyan’s tragedy is a challenge to the healthy forces of the Armenian society which don’t stop fighting for the supremacy of law and justice.

 We have sent our statement to Armenian mass media and here are some to the reports: 116286.html 2012/08/07/vaheavetyan-belgia/


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