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Debut concert of Hayasa music Project - new date: December 13

December 13, 2015   •  responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan and Hrayr Karapetyan • ticket pre-order

We are pleased to announce the debut concert of ‘Hayasa Music’ project, which will take place on 13th of December at 19:00. The first concert will feature four talented Armenian students-musicians: Hrayr Karapetyan (violin), Mikayel Grigoryan (cello), Armen-Levon Manaseryan (piano) and Hasmik Manukyan (piano). The program includes works by Sarasate, Khachaturian, Scriabin, Wagner-Liszt, Babajanyan, Harutyunyan, Glazunov, Piazzolla, Rachmaninov.

To pre-order electronic tickets (13 Euro) please click here. You can also buy tickets on the spot (15 Euro). For Hayasa members reduced ticket price is applicable (10 Euro).

The revenue from the concerts will go to ‘Hayasa Music’ scholarship program as well as to support Hay Doun and Hayasa charity programs.

Sincerely yours,
Hayasa team


NOUR festival

September 12, 2015   •  responsibles for the event: Ani Bazikyan and Ani Paitjan

In September, red, blue and orange will be honored. Let's celebrate it the Armenian way! 

An afternoon will be dedicated to every little thing that makes the beauty of the Armenian culture. Dances and folk songs, colorful Armenian kitchen and its Caucasian and Eastern influences, medieval games for young and old, calligraphy, without forgetting chess games, the national Armenian sport will all be on the agenda on this special occasion. 

This will be a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: have fun and giving a helping hand! Raised funds during this day will be donated to the Prkutyun/Salvation association based in Yerevan. The association provides assistance to mentally or physically disabled people throughout various activities. The center is a refuge for these people who are often marginalized in the Armenian society. 

Prkutyun/Salvation gets little subsidies from the government and counts on the generosity of its contributors. Further information will gradually be provided in the coming days on this page. Whether you are of Armenian descent or from various backgrounds, the "Nour Festival" welcomes you with outstretched arms. 

The entrance is free. 

We are waiting for you to join us, dance, sing and laugh with us! 

With the Hayasa Team & Co

Brussels visit

August 1, 2015   •  responsibles for the event: Ani Bazikyan and Ani Paitjan

Brace yourself, summer has come! 

It was the beginning of the summer and Hayasa Team organized an event to discover Brussels. It was perfect occasion to meet each other, talk together, share ideas or jokes while criss-crossing the old streets of Brussels.
Our stroll ended with a drink at the famous "brusseleer" bar "Delirium" where we enjoyed Belgian beer in special atmosphere!

"Art of Duo"
Debut CD Concert-Presentation

November 9, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan and Hrayr Karapetyan

“Hayasa” Armenian student association of Belgium organised the Debut CD Concert-Presentation of Hrayr Karapetyan /violin/ and Hasmik Manukyan /piano/.

Arno Babajanyan - Sonata for violin and piano in b-moll
Edvard Grieg - Sonata for violin and piano no. 3 in c moll

Au-delÀ de l'Ararat

October 4, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Mariam Nersesian

Chers membres de la Communauté arménienne de Belgique, chers sympathisants,

L'Association des Etudiants Arméniens de Belgique "Hayasa" a l'honneur de vous inviter le 4 octobre prochain à 19h au Centre Culturel Arménien qui se trouve à la Rue du Gaz 83, 1020 Bruxelles pour la projection du film "Au delà de l'Ararat". Nous aurons lors de cette soirée également, la chance de rencontrer la réalisatrice de ce documentaire.

Pour avoir un avant goût de la projection, voici le descriptif, suivi du trailer :

A travers son film, Tülin Ozdemir part à la recherche de son histoire personnelle et trouve un passé douloureux ancré dans les pierres et les plaines de l’Anatolie, les témoins silencieux de ces massacres.

Elle nous embarque dans « un road-movie » qui débute à Schaerbeek, se poursuit dans l’ancienne Arménie et qui se termine au-delà de l’Ararat.

Cette jeune femme Turque qui a grandi dans les quartiers populaires de Bruxelles s’est toujours questionnée sur son identité via le génocide arménien. « Au-delà de l’Ararat » est la réponse à ses questions et aux nôtres aussi.


Presenting Arthur Meschian

August 9, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan


Hayasa held an event dedicated to Arthur Meschian, who is often referred to as one of the greatest Armenian musicians, artists and poets of our time. His biography was presented in chronological order, accompanied with his songs and interviews. The life of the maestro has many parallels with many members of Belgian Diaspora as being born in Armenia he spent 17 years in the USA. We found many statements from his interview from 1991 still applicable.


Football, Hayasa & gent

July 19, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Artak Harutyunyan and Tigran Baghdasaryan

We booked an open sky football field in sprocenter of the Gent - Blaarmeersen and played together.

It was hot, we got tired soon, but it was great!

Meeting place Gent

June 28, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Hasmik Badoyan, Varduhi Nanyan and Tatevik Galstyan

Armenian students met on 28 June in Ghent for celebrating the end of the exam period and the awaited start of the holidays! 

We got acquainted with new people, visited cultural places of interest in Ghent and had a nice time together. During the tour Hasmik, Varduhi and Tatevik briefly presented the history of Ghent.

You can find the introduction to the history of Ghent prepared by girls here (English version only).

edition 2013

April 11, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Anna Tamiryan and Tatevik Galstyan

For the second time Hayasa organized teambuilding event in Ardennes. From April 11-13 Hayasa members went to the cottage in the nature to raise team spirit.

Anna and Tatevik prepared very nice program. On our way to Oignies we visited beautiful city Dinant.  In Dinant a cable car took us from the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame to the top of the Citadel, where we spent a pleasant day.

During these three days we played ‘Armenian folk games’ in the nature, intellectual games such as "What?Where?When?", and had 'psychologic' mafia nights. We had also a guest from Armenia – activist Gor Hakobyan, who with other “self-determined citizens” fights against corruption and oligarchy in Armenia.

Habap Fountains – The story of a restoration

April 3, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Mariam Nersesyan

Hayasa screened documentary “Habap Fountains – The story of a restoration” in the meeting hall of the Association of Democrat Armenians of Belgium for its members and guests. This documentary follows the story of the restoration of two fountains in eastern Anatolia (nowadays Turkey) built by Armenians hundreds of years ago. After the local Armenians residing in the area were mostly sent away at the beginning of 20th century, these fountains were destroyed by the new residents of the area in time due to the gold digging and certain state policies. In the framework of a social responsibility project, Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish people work together to renovate the fountains and make the water run again. This project started by Turkish lawyer Fethiye Çetin with Hrant Dink Foundation. Fethiye is the lawyer of Hrant Dink, a friend of Armenians and an activist for human rights in Turkey. Çetin tells the story of her Armenian Grandmother in her famous book “My Grandmother”, and the film follows her narration and conversation with people from the village in parallel to the process of renovation.

Meeting place brugge

March 29, 2014   •  responsibles for the event: Roza Nersisyan, Anoush Terterian, Tigran Baghdasaryan and Tatevik Galstyan

Brussels, Gent, Liege, Antwerp, Namur, Leuven, … - Armenian students are everywhere. On 29 March it was a good opportunity to meet each other and spend nice time together. We had a walk in marvelous Bruges taking into account excellent company of Armenian students.

Hayasa new year dinner

December 26, 2013   •  responsibles for the event: Anna Tamiryan

Every year Hayasa is organizing New Year dinners. This time our annual Christmas dinner party was on 26 December 2013. The dinner was hold at the Wok house restaurant in Brussels. During the event, there was a fun competition among the members and the winner got a little Christmas gift from Hayasa. 

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Support Artsakh street workout project

Hayasa new initiative to support Artsakh Street Workout movement

For more information click on the image below:

Intellectual game evening

December 7, 2013   • pictures • responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan and Tatevik Galstyan

Hayasa organized intellectual game evening in the Armenian Church meeting hall for its members and guests. 25 questions for teams and 2 minutes for discussions. Even though the idea of the game was taken from Russian TV show "Что? Где? Когда?", we played the game in Armenian. Some of the questions were related to Armenian history, art and culture. This was already the second time that we organized such games and we have plans to make them regular with more emphasize on Armenia related questions.

Here you can find some photos of the event.

We and our artsakh

October 12, 2013   • presentation slides • responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan and Tatevik Galstyan

The event was dedicated to Artsakh, its history, culture and modern problems. First we gave brief historical introduction and watched a film “Artsakh: a Hidden Treasure" with wonderful sights of the nature. Next we discussed different ongoing charity programs and the importance of modern communication technologies for them. And finally we launched a new charity program, which aims building Street Workout park facilities in Berdzor.
Later we will inform you concerning the details of Berdzor project.

Here you can find slides of the presentation given on that day.

Armenian folk games

September 7, 2013   • pictures  •  introduction to Armenian folk games  • responsibles for the event: Anna Tamiryan, Tatevik Galstyan and Gevorg Voskanyan

Hayasa orginezed ‘Armenian folk games’ event in Roi Baudouin parc in Jette, Brussels. The purpose of this event was to briefly introduce our youth to the ancient Armenian games and bring the memories of our childhood back by playing some of the well-known games. We gave great importance to this unique event because Armenian games represent a way to return to our roots and are also an intangible heritage which should in no case be neglected.

In the beginning Tatevik, Anna and Gevorg briefly presented the history of Armenian folk games, their importance and usage in cultural ceremonies, etc. Afterwards they explained the chosen seven games, which we all enjoyed playing together.

We had a great Armenian day and felt ourselves like in Armenia.

You can find the introduction to Armenian folk games and description of the chosen games here (Armenian version only).

Some nice photos from the event are here as well.

1915 - 2013, April 24: 98th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

April 24, 2013  • pictures • responsibles for the event: Hayasa

98 years is past since the first Genocide of 20th century. 1.500.000 million Armenians were killed as a result of an organized murder by Turkey. On April 24, 1915 the bloody plan was launched by killing Armenian intellectuals. Every year on this very day Armenians all over the world are remembering their victims and sending a message to the international community that we will never forget it and we are still demanding from Turkey to accept and take the responsibility.


Together with other community members Hayasa was actively involved in the organizational issues:

- on April 23 together we have watched a documentary about "Operation Nemesis" presented by Hayasa member Arman Madatyan. The event was organized together with the Association of Democrat Armenians of Belgium.
- on April 24 Hayasa students actively helped Armenian Committee of Belgium in organizing annual procession to the memorial Xachqar dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims. Gevorg Petrossian gave a speech, delivering the opinion of the youth and confirming our firmness to continue the efforts for recognition of Armenian Genocide.
- later on the day, Hayasa, together with Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun and the Association of Democrat Armenians of Belgium organized a manifestation in front of the Embassy of Turkey in Belgium and later in front of European institution on Schuman square. Hayasa member Rafael Mikaelyan delivered our message in a speech on Schuman square.
- we have also prepared flyers, which were handed to the bystanders to inform the aim of our protest.

Pictures from the manifestation are here

Hayasa teambuilding event in ardennes - Graide

April 19-21, 2013  • pictures • responsibles for the event: Anna Tamiryan and Tatevik Galstyan

From April 19-21 Hayasa members went to the cottage in the nature to raise team spirit. Wonderful three days full of joy and smiles.

Anna and Tatevik prepared very nice program including an excursion to beautiful city Bouillon, intellectual games such as "What?Where?When?/Что?Где?Когда?", mafia nights and romantci guitar evenings. We also watched the famous Armenian comedy films "A Bride from the North" and "Tteni".

See some pics from the event here

" She is... Հայ " <3 Keep Calm and Party Hard !

April 5, 2013  • pictures • responsibles for the event: Mariam Aghasaryan and Mariam Nersesian

First Hayasa party was organized in Brussels in Smouss cafe. Studying and learning is imprtant for the students, but party time should always be in the schedule :)
The theme was " She is... Հայ " dedicated to April 7 Motherhood and Beauty Day.

Crazy night, competitions, prizes, drinks and dance dance dance.

See some pics from the party here.

New Hayasa inititiative:
Conversation tables

from March, 2013: on Saturdays   • responsibles: Ani Tamiryan, Artur Voskanyan, Mariam Nersesian

Belgium is multi-lingual country with two official languages: French and Dutch. Most of Armenian youth are lacking knowledge of either French or Dutch, or even both of them. In order to help those people to integrate into Belgian society or to just practice either of the languages, Hayasa is organizing conversation tables in regular base. Every Saturday participants are gathering in one of the Belgian libraries, where we are practicing our knowledge of French or Dutch. There are always fluent speaking students present, who are helping, correcting and leading the conversation.

For more details, please contact us or see our facebook page. We are also planning to organize table in Armenian and English in case of necessity.

Hayasa event
visiting Deleyaman concert

February 15, 2013   • responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan

18 Hayasa members visited Art Base club in Brussels to enjoy the performance of French American band Deleyaman founded in 2000 by the Armenian musician and multi-instrumentalist Aret Madilian.
Fantastic music with peculiar spirit took us to another dimension, where we were all wishing to stay longer and longer. The sound of duduk added something more Armenian to the music.
It was simply great!!!
We are impatiently waiting for the next concert.

After the concert we had opportunity to speak with band members:

Protest - 25 years of Azeri pogroms in Sumgait and Baku against Armenians

February 27, 2013   • pictures •  petition •  organized by CDCA and Hayasa

Comité de Défense de la Cause Arménienne de Belgique (HAY TAD) & HAYASA - Armenian Student Association of Belgium organized a protest in front of the embassy of Azerbaijan.
25 years is past since the massacre of Armenians in Azerbaijani city Sumgait, where dozens of Armenians were killed because of their national identity. This gave birth to the further violence in other cities, such as Kirovabad and Baku.

Background information:
On February 28, 1988 a horrible tragedy unfolded in the Azerbaijani town of Sumgait, situated thirty minutes away from the capital Baku. Almost the entire city (population 250,000) became an arena for unobstructed mass pogroms of its Armenian population. Azeri thugs broke into apartment buildings, with lists in hand of Armenian tenants residing there. Azeries were armed with sharpened iron rods, hatchets, knives, broken bottles, rocks and gas tanks. They killed, raped and burned Armenian residents alive and mutilated their bodies in broad daylight. More than 50 Armenians were killed and hundreds were wounded. More than two hundred apartments were robbed, dozens of cars were destroyed and burned, dozens of Armenian-owned retail outlets and art studious were demolished. Thousands became refugees.

Hayasa conference in hay monthly

December 2012 January 2013   •   download article

An article about Hayasa conference «Etre Arménien en Belgique:
entre intégration, assimilation et communautarisme» was published in Hay monthly. (only in French)

Michel Mahmourian

Become Hayasa member online

December 15, 2012   •   responsible for the communication with the members: Tatevik Galstyan

Now becoming a member of Hayasa became much more simpler. If you wish to be the member of our family, support Hayasa in its activities, have opportunity to organize events within Hayasa yourself and you agree with our constitution, then just click the following link:

fill in the form (download and read constitution if not done yet) and you will become Hayasa member.

We have also translated our constitution to French, Dutch and English (see the link on the frame to the right), to make it easier for all the Armenians in Belgium joining Hayasa.


Hayasa held a successful conference in ULB

November 26, 2012   •  responsibles for the event: Gevorg Petrossian and Mariam Nersesian

With the support of Embassy of Republic of Armenia in Belgium, Armenian Committee of Belgium and in collaboration with Nairian student circle of ULB, Hayasa organized a conference with the title:

«Armenians in Belgium: between integration, assimilation and communitarianism». 

Three members of Armenian community shared their experience of the integration into Belgian society, while the speeches were followed by the comments of independent moderator. Question and answer session followed afterwards, during which the guests had opportunity to ask and share their opinion on the topic.


From the feedback of the participants and the guests, we concluded that our first attempt of organizing such event was successful and encouraged us to think about making this kind of meetings regular. Also the fact that about 100 students, youth and members of Armenian community were present for the conference shows the importance of the organized event.

«Etre ArmÉnien en Belgique: entre intÉgration, assimilation et communautarisme»

to be on November 26, 2012   •  responsibles for the event: Gevorg Petrossian and Mariam Nersesian  •  •
(text in French only)

Hayasa, l'ambassade de la République d'Arménie et le Comité des Arméniens de Belgique avec la collaboration du cercle des étudiants arméniens de l'ULB, vous convient à la conférence-débat:

«Être Arménien en Belgique: entre intégrations, assimilation et communautarisme». 

Auditoire UD.2.218a (ULB campus Solbosch)Avenue Paul Heger, bâtiment UD
1050 Bruxelles

See More

Evening dedicated to Paruyr Sevak

on November 11, 2012   •  presented by Gevorg and Artur Voskanyans

Paruyr Sevak is renowned Armenian poet and one of the most favourite writer of young Armenians around the world. So Hayasa dedicated an event to remember, listen and get acquinted with the life and work of Paruyr Sevak. Artur Voskanyan prepared simply wonderful presentation, where autobiography was accompanied with the music of Komitas. Gevorg Voskanyan, on his turn, read about 12 poems and accompanied them with artist specific explanations. Together they made a presentation of Paruyr Sevak, which can be simply called a masterpiece.

In the end of the event Hayasa students made a surprise: they were sponatneusly standing from the audience and reading parts of the poem "Menq qich enq, bayc mez hay en asum".

After the reception Hayasa student assciation was presented to the guests.

Hayasa at "Yes hay em, Yes I am" conference and festival

on September 22, 2012   •  speech given by Tigran Baghdasaryan

In Atwerpen Ardia NGO organized the festival “Yes hay em, Yes I am”, which was preceded by the conference about the Armenian identity and was held in the city’s provincial parliament hall. Among the speech-makers were the prelate of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Belgium, Archimandrite Zatik Avetikyan and Armenian Ambassador to Belgium Avet Adonts. The representative of the Hayasa, Tigran Baghdasaryan, gave a speech entitled “Our youth as Armenia’s future”, which you can download from the link above. During the festival Hayasa also had a poster preseting our student union to the participants.

Hayasa visited amsterdam and gladzor armenian students

on September 15, 2012  •  responsibles for the event: Tigran Baghdasaryan, Gevorg Voskanyan, Gohar Gabrielyan

Hayasa oganised one day trip to Amsterdam, which took place on 15 September 2012.

During our cultural trip we have visited Van Gogh Museum and met Gladzor Armenian students of Netherlands. We had a also a nice tour in Amsterdam.

A protest against Hungary’s decision to extradite Azeri murderer

on September 8, 2012  •   Petition text •  organized by: Hayasa and Hay Tad (CDCA Belgique)

Together with Hay Dat (CDCA Belgique) and Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society Hayasa has organized protest against the extradition and pardoning of Ramil Safarov outside the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU in Brussels. The Representatives from Hayasa and Hay Dat presented a Memorandum to a Hungarian representative, which was addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary.

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Hayasa for teghut eco boat

on August 15, 2012  •   •  proposed by: Tigran Baghdasaryan, Gevorg Voskanyan

As you may remember, on April 14, 2012 "Hayasa" has organized a meeting where we have presented the Armenia’s environmental problems and the objective of the corresponding movement. With that move we have somehow joined Teghut movement.

Recently the idea of the construction of "Teghut" eco-boat was suggested. The goal of the project is to raise a number of environmental issues, including Teghut forest problem.

The cruise on the boat in Lake Sevan will be free of charge during which awareness raising sessions and discussions will be held on ecological issues.

Through our Facebook group we suggested donating 5 Euro for Teghut Eco-boat, while Hayasa organized money transfer to Armenia. Soon 14 members and friends of Hayasa joined the initiative and 70 Euros (35 600 dram) were sent to our Armenian friends.

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Armenia's citezen in modern armenia

(candle lighting in memory of Vahe Avetyan)
on August 4, 2012  •   •  Open letter  • responsibles of the event: Arthur Galstyan, Gevorg Voskanyan and Tigran Baghdasaryan

“Hayasa” has organized in an informative meeting and candle lighting in the St. Mary Magdalene Armenian Church.

During the meeting Arthur, Gevorg and Tigran gave comprehensive information about the human rights situation in Armenia on the example of recently killed military doctor Vahe Avetyan. Also short video reports (source concerning recent environmental movements (such as Teghut, Trchkan and Mashtots park) were shown.

At the end candle lighting took place in memory of Vahe Avetyan and all the other innocent victims of the permissiveness atmosphere.

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Our event in support of Armenia's environmentalists

on April 14, 2012  •    •  Pictures  •   Open letter  •  responsible for the event: Ruben Martirosyan

In one of the Brussels parks Hayasa students organized an event in support of Armenia's environmental movement. The initiative came from our member Ruben Martirosyan, who first presented the history of Armenia's environmental movement. Afterwards the problems of Teghut forest, Mashtots park and Qajaran village were covered as well.

We also took a group photo in support of Teghut forest and issued an open letter, addressing the environmental problems in Armenia.

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Introduction to Hayasa and Mher MkrtchYan

on March 24, 2012  •    •    •  responsible for the event: Tatevik Galstyan

In the meeting hall of Armenian Apostolic Church of Brussels Hayasa organized an event dedicated to Mher Mkrtchyan. In the beginning Hayasa student association was presented to the guests.

Afterwards the life and work of most talented Armenian actor Mher Mkrtchyan was presented. Hayasa students got acquainted to his life, full of emotions and tragedy. We have also watched episodes from his films.

From above links you can download PowerPoint presentation.

without even leaving, we are already no longer there

on February 18, 2012  •    •   •  responsible for the event: Sirarpi Vardanyan

Hayasa students visited the exhibition of Armenian artist Mekhitar Garabedian in S.M.A.K. center in Gent. We spent nice time in a Gent city center, had a walk around and met the master himself.

S.M.A.K. presented the first museum solo exhibition of the Syrian born and Belgian based Mekhitar Garabedian (1977, Aleppo).

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